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We invest in businesses that are truly differentiated across all markets.

Nodeify's competitive edge is built on thought leadership, technical talent, and years of investing exclusively in digital assets.

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In 2021, crypto assets finished higher and outperformed most traditional financial assets, including the S&P500.

Security Tokens

With the Security Token market cap surpassing $1B in 2021, they are undeniably the next phase of our financial markets.

Blockchain Ventures

In 2021, VCs invested over $33B into crypto and blockchain startups, with a record breaking $10.5B invested by the end of Q4.


With NFTs becoming a $40B market in 2021 and sales reaching $25B, they have become a viable opportunity for investors.

Alt Exchanges

In 2021, the total market cap of digital assets crossed $2.6T, covering 15,800+ digital assets on 440+ exchanges.


We invest in technologies creating the blockchain infrastructure needed to create a sustainable future for our digital world.

Utility Tokens

Utility tokens are the most common type of tokens and represent future access to a company's product or service.


We are a team of founders, operators, advisors and investors.

Brought together by our extensive experience with startups, we operate at a local level but connect on a global basis, allowing us to be closer to our founders and enabling them to benefit from our networks.

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Global security token trading volume is expected to grow to $163 trillion by 2030, on the back of $4 trillion in security token issuances in the same period.

Key Terms for Digital Asset Fund

The Fund’s long-term investment objective is to seek above-average rates of return through short and long-term capital growth and income generation by investing in the blockchain and digital asset economy (as defined below):

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The tokenization of assets is not the future, it's the present. Join our team of partners and help us change the world!


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