June 15, 2022

Nodeify News - Visa buys a CryptoPunk, Opensea Record-Breaking Month, and FTX sponsorship

Nodeify News - Visa buys a CryptoPunk, Opensea Record-Breaking Month, and FTX sponsorship

In this episode, Brendan McShane discusses the significance of Visa’s CryptoPunk purchase, finance execs say that blockchain has gone mainstream, and Opeansea’s monthly NFT volume is at an all time high.

Episode 16 Google Slides:

“90 CryptoPunks get snapped up in one hour following Visa's $150,000 purchase”

After Visa purchased the CryptoPunk, they said the NFT would be "a great addition to our collection of artifacts." The 90 punks sold quickly after between $180K-$250K and one of the NFTs sold for $917K.

“Story from Business FTX Signs $17.5M Deal to Sponsor UC-Berkeley Athletic Department”

FTX signed a 10 year deal with Cal Athletics for the naming rights to the field at California Memorial Stadium. This is FTX's first naming right sponsorship with a college. The sponsorship is smaller compared to FTX's previous deals with the Miami Heat and League of Legends team.

“81% of finance execs say blockchain has gone mainstream: Survey”

A survey conducted by Deloitte stated that 73% of finance exces said they will lose a competitive advantage if they do not adopt blockchain technology or digital assets. Additionally, 97% stated that blockchain technologies are crucial for their company to stay competitive. The biggest factors holding them back was cybersecurity and regulatory barriers.

“Opensea's Record-Breaking Monthly NFT Volume Captures More Than $1.5 Billion”

NFT trading volume has increased 542% from last month and the NFT market as whole hit an ATH of $2.4B in trade volume. While OpenSea had the highest in trade volume, Axie Infinity had $870M in volume traded in the last month. In the last month 150K traders interacted and traded with OpenSea.

“Google bans 8 ‘deceptive’ crypto apps from Play Store”

The apps were charging users crypto fees for an illegitimate crypto cloud mining service. The eight apps were downloaded over 100K times and were charging users around $15 monthly for their fake mining services. Google revised their policies to allow crypto wallets and exchanges on their app store but requirement to be registered with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

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